Celebrate Buena Vista is a volunteer, grassroots organization, which is dedicated to providing Buena Vista with the opportunities to strengthen local pride by promoting the community, celebrating its history, and encouraging its revitalization through the creation, management and sponsorship of events and programs. Our primary focus is Mountain Day, which brings several thousand visitors to our community every year on the second Saturday of October. Community Pride Day is another event we sponsor every few years, which serves not only as a fundraiser for us, but also as a means for raising public awareness, encouraging community camaraderie and volunteerism, and cleaning up our community.

We encourage residents and businesses to get involved in what is happening here and there are several ways to do that --
Volunteer - Whether it be to support one of our programs or events, a local civic organization or other community effort, donate your time or expertise to help
Donate - Celebrate Buena Vista welcomes the donation of equipment, event and program sponsorships, financial backing, and encourages partnerships.